Student Exhibit: Photography 100—Best in Class

January 28–March 11, 2019

This exhibit featured student work from Photo 100: Introduction to Photography class. Students learned how to create photographs, control photographic processes, how professional photographers employ photographic techniques, and how to utilize these techniques for their own creative purposes. The exhibit served as a showcase of some of the class’ favorite photographs.

Members of the Photo 100: Introduction to Photography class included:

  • Marcus Allen
  • Brandon Andes
  • Austin Banks
  • Francis Brodi
  • Alexa Davis
  • Antonio Frankelli
  • Max Gordon
  • Ryan Kelly
  • Jared Kepner
  • Michael Klimchok
  • Hunter Krzywicki
  • Gurvinder Mathan
  • Daren Miller
  • Kevin O’Reilly
  • Kerlyn Rodruguez
  • James Scholten
  • Michael Sikora
  • Courtney Swarey
  • Chad Wasickanin
  • Morgan Weaver
  • Eric Williams
  • Jacob Yaple