Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Your college education will be one of the most important investments of your life. You need to consider both the quality and the cost of the education you will obtain in deciding how to make that investment.

In addition to our strong academic reputation, Penn State has been recognized as one of the most efficient universities in America. A Penn State education is a high-quality education and a sound investment in your future.

There are four types of financial aid for which a student may apply:


Most grants are awarded based solely on financial need and have no requirement of repayment. They may come from the Federal Government, the State or the University.


Scholarships are awarded on academic achievement. For many University scholarships, financial need is an additional criterion of eligibility. There is no requirement of repayment.


Loans are low-interest awards that must be repaid after students terminate their studies at the University.

Federal Work Study

Work study is awarded based upon the financial need of the student. Students can earn money towards their school expenses. Work study earnings are not applied directly to your semester bill. Students receive a paycheck.

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