Campus Directory

Name Email Role Office Location
Andaloro, Stephanie
Records Specialist, Registrar
Murphy Center, 126, 570-675-9233
Arcangeli, Patricia
Administrative Assistant, Student Support Services
Murphy Center, 127, 570-675-9112
Ashton, Jane
Director of Continuing Education, Continuing Education
Hayfield House, 209, 570-675-9251
Attanasio, Suzanne
Campus Nurse, Health Services
Athletic and Recreation Building, 570-675-9250
Bachman, William
Senior Instructor, Communications
Hayfield House, 226, 570-675-9126
Barnes, John
Admissions Officer, Admissions
Murphy Center, 119, 570-675-9229
Beck, Suzanne M.
Lecturer, Social Sciences and Education
Hayfield House, 202, 570-675-9252
Beisel, Gary
Director of Business Services, Business Services
Hayfield House, 101, 570-675-9110
Berzsenyi, Christyne
Associate Professor, English
Hayfield House, 216, 570-675-9275
Blessner, Daniel
Instructor, Science
Instructor, Mathematics
Center for Technology, 121, 570-675-9234
Bloom, Andrew
Lecturer, Engineering
Hayfield House, 202, 570-675-6252
Bogdan, Kimberly
Director of Finance, Budget & Finance
Hayfield House, 570-675-9200
Bolkas, Dimitrios
Instructor, Surveying Engineering
Bell Center for Technology, Room 125, 570-675-9127
Brace, Brandi
English Tutor, Student Support Services
Murphy Center, Room 109, 570-675-9112
Brace-Hodle, Karen
Alumni Relations and Stewardship Officer, Development / Alumni
Hayfield House, 213, 570-675-9228
Brennan, Ann
Instructor, English
Hayfield House, 224, 570-675-9240
Burns, Sandra
Lecturer, Education
Hayfield House, 208H, 570-675-9253
Carter, Anson D.
Instructor, Mathematics
Science Center, 108B, 570-675-9138
Cavalari, Cheryl
Lecturer, Social Sciences and Education
Hayfield House, 202, 570-675-9252
Chappell, Susan
Eastern Region Employer Engagement Coordinator, Career Services
Struthers Family Career Services Center , 570-675-9224