LionPATH is Penn State’s student information system, which provides students with access to their academic, registration, and financial records. Students can enroll for classes, view/accept their financial aid awards, and view their tuition bills.

How do parents get started in LionPATH Self Service? First, you must ask your student to assign access to parents/others. Your student will need the email address of the parent/other to initiate access to portions of their student record.

Step 1 — Provide an email address to your student where you want to receive an email containing access information. This email can also serve as your Login ID.

Step 2 — Once your student has delegated access to you, he/she can send a notification to your email address that will contain a Login ID, temporary password, and a link to a public page where you will login to gain access to those areas your student has shared. (Note: if you are a Penn State employee or student yourself, the link to access shared information is a different URL than you may normally use to access LionPATH.)

Step 3 — Upon your first login, you will be presented with a page to update your password and set a PIN number. The PIN number will be used to verify your identity if you need to call for delegated access support.

Step 4 — Use available navigation to view data your student has shared.

To review details of steps for parents/others as well as the steps to be taken by your student, you can view Delegated Access tutorials on the LionPATH launch page. On the launch page, click Parent, then click the Help link in the Quick Links section.