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Celebrating 20 Years of Student Success

As one of only two Penn State campuses with a Student Success Services department, Penn State Wilkes-Barre stands proud celebrating 20 years of making a difference to students who need it the most.
Kerry Meyers

College Is What You Make It Out To Be

A Q&A session with Rail Riders intern and Wilkes-Barre Alumnus, Kerry Meyers; asking the questions future students and interns need to know
President Barron and Theresa Clemente

Believing In The Privilege of Teaching

Penn State Wilkes-Barre Instructor of Business Theresa Clemente honored with 2017 George W. Atherton Award for Excellence in Teaching
Alyssa Belskis visiting American University

Combining Exceptional Students and Quality Programming

With commencement on the horizon, two Administration of Justice students show the campus that possibilities abound with hard work and determination
BeamPro Robot In Use

Making Robotic Transformations

Teaching to students at two different campuses can be challenging, but now the tables are turning, as one RHS professor is challenging his students to incorporate technology in new ways
Wilkes-Barre's first three Corporate Communciation graduates at Commencement 2016

Entering The Workforce With Confidence

Since its introduction eighteen short months ago, the Corporate Communication program has gone from a blossoming field of study to a real world success story for the degree’s first three graduates.
BBH146 Human Healty and Sexuality Project

Does This Ad Make Me Look Sexy?

Gender vs. sex. Masculine vs. feminine. Can we always identify these in the media? Students from BBH146: Intro to Human Health & Sexuality were asked to do just that; critically, reflectively, and creatively investigate and analyze the media rather than simply absorb it at face value.
Ed Macosky, prince of integration

The integration of a royal leader

Do you ever wonder how all the pieces and puzzles of technology in your daily life fit together? How do they all communicate independently but yet still work together? Enter the concept of integration.
Students and staff participate in the 2015 Mental Health Awareness Day

A passion for positive change

Within the world of mental health and wellbeing, the new Rehabilitation and Human Services program at Wilkes-Barre seeks to mold the future professionals in this ever growing field in need of well-educated, compassionate individuals.
Student authors Ashlee Harry and Ryan Sotelo with Dr. David Chin

Challenges of Creativity

A government installed drone database system hacked. Siblings with all-consuming mental anguish. Headlines from the nightly news? These storylines come from the minds of Wilkes-Barre students.