Summer Camp Descriptions

Summer Camp Descriptions

Advanced Golf (Co-Ed) 

This camp is for players who have played golf and want to increase their knowledge and understanding of the game. We’ll talk about the fundamentals, rules of the game and golf’s rich history. Get drills and learn tips to improve your driving, iron shots, chipping, pitching and putting. Learn course management and strategies. Talk about today’s clubs and which ones should be in your bag. Plenty of time for questions. Put your new found skills to work as you play at Lehman Golf Club on Friday, weather permitted. Bring clubs and a drink each day.

An Art-Terrific Summertime Camp 

Join us for a week of artistic connections, with team building skills for summertime fun. Art campers will learn basic drawing techniques and explore many fantastic Art forms using different media. Storytelling skills will be developing as we cut, draw, paint, glitter& glue, rub pastels & make puppets together. Come join us for a fun-filled week of ART adventure.

Boys' Basketball Camp NEW!

Penn State Basketball Camp will focus on an instructional program based on the individual needs of each camper.  We will focus on individualized skill development by offering stations, one on one coaching, and small group drills.  Campers will also get to demonstrate the skills learned during instruction by putting them to use during 3 on 3 competition, 1 on 1 games, and full court competitive games.  Each camper will receive a t-shirt and a final camp "report card" with coaching tips and workout plans to help with their continued development. Visit Penn State Wilkes-Barre Athletics.

Coding with Scratch – An Introduction NEW!

Scratch is a computer program built on a visual programming language that’s teaches students their first set of coding skills. Activities are designed to introduce students to the Scratch programming environment and learn about the different user components of Scratch. They will create several short programs to become familiar with changing backgrounds and sprites, and create a mini computer game with Scratch. In the process, they learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively – essential skills for everyone in today’s society.

Crafts, Crafts, and more Crafts  

Let’s make all kind of projects for every holiday and season throughout the whole year! We will use recyclables, conserving and reusing many useful items. We will make Christmas ornaments, wreaths and specialty items. We will use our minds, imaginations, and creativity! Don’t throw out your milk bottles, egg cartons or baby food jars. Let’s use these items and do a whole fun day of crafts! 

Creative Leadership Camp NEW!

Creative Leadership is about learning how to break down problems, solve creatively, and function optimally. Though the use of games and interactions, students are given the opportunity to gain not only insight into their own leadership styles, but also discuss different management styles and the positives of each. In addition to study skills, creative thinking, and organizational thinking, this camp will help student confidence, logic skills, and peer interaction. Over the course of the week, students will not only begin to strengthen interpersonal skills, but also gain a better understanding of who he or she is, how to play to their strengths, and the tools to sharpen those skills that are less defined. Includes requirements for the Girl Scouts Public Speaking and Leadership Badges, as well as the Boy Scouts Communications Badge. 

Digital Art Camp NEW!

In this camp you will learn multiple aspects of digital art! First you will use Blender, a free open source 3D modeling program, to create a 3D character, and, using Gimp, add a custom texture (art) to the model. By the end of the week, you will import your creation into Unity and create animations for it. You can make a robot wave hello or a fish swim through the air! While no prior experience with these programs is necessary, computer competency (including great typing skills and an understanding of hotkeys) is necessary to use these programs!

Girls’ Volleyball

Beginners to experienced players will benefit from this week of fun learning key volleyball fundamentals! By incorporating drills and team games, you will learn the essential elements of serving, serve receiving, forearm passing, setting, hitting, blocking, team serve reception, team defense, and transition to offense. Campers will also work on leadership and teamwork exercises. The end result will be a love for the sport of volleyball!

Golf (Co-Ed)

Learn the fundamentals of grips, swings, proper body position, and clubs. You will get plenty of practice putting on the campus green along with skill development games and relays. Campers are grouped according to age and ability, and will play at the Lehman Golf Club on Friday, weather permitted.  Bring clubs and a drink each day.

“Hands on” and "Machine" Sewing 

Join us for some “hands on” sewing! You will learn the different stitches and make several fun projects. We will play tic-tac-toe, make an animal puppet, and create a scary sock monster, all while learning about basic sewing techniques! Then we will put the “metal to the pedal” and learn how to master using a sewing machine! Find your way through a maze using different stitches, and make a snake to keep out the cold. We will learn about different stitches, needles and threads. Pick a simple project that will use only one yard of fabric, such as a pillow, backpack, or t-shirt dress.

Hold That Chick & Other Barnyard Animals

What happens inside an egg? We’ll find out and learn how to raise young chickens after successful hatching. Campers will learn team building skills as we draw chicks and make our own handprint chicks to name. There will be chick puppets, storytelling and talk about where our food comes from. Find out what baby chickens need to grow stronger every day.

Into the Woods: Exploring Local Birds, Trees, and Plants 

If your child enjoys adventuring outdoors, this class is the one for them! We will learn about native plant, tree, and bird species and then take our knowledge outside. Campers will explore the Penn State Wilkes-Barre campus, and we will also take a field trip (weather permitting). 

Lego Land®

Explore and challenge your creative potential for designing and building Lego® structures and motorized machines. Gear up your trip to LegoLand® by creating and designing in teams to build Lego® robots with a working “brain.” The hands-on intersection of math and physical science is just the beginning of your journey through LegoLand®. Introduction to WeDo STEM Expansion.

Let’s Have a Ball  

Are you tired of just sitting around in the summer? Well, come to Penn State Wilkes-Barre and you’ll have a ball! You’ll be participating in a wide range of games that involve a ball. From the likes of wiffleball, kickball, dodgeball to a game called SPUD—this camp will be geared to keep you active the entire time. We will even be participating in team building activities as well. So come to PSU and I guarantee you will have a ball!

Lil' Lionettes: PSU Dance Team NEW!

Love those Lionettes? Then learn to dance like them! Learn choreography to sideline routines and dances for basketball and football games. Dancers will participate in a daily team workout and stretch, technique drills and choreography. From jazz to pom and hip hop to contemporary, we will explore all aspects of the Lionettes Dance Team with our Lil’ Dancers! 

Math Olympics

Get ready for a week of learning math the fun way! You’ll use computer games to explore operations and computations; conduct measurements and surveys during outdoor games; and use math strategies while playing sports. Parents, students will be covering numerous common-core standards, but they’ll be having too much fun to even realize it!

Musical Theatre: Mulan Jr! NEW Production!

Spend one exciting week learning what it takes to put on a high-spirited musical production! Campers will have a show-stopping good time learning all aspects of a musical production — staging, prop and costume development singing, acting, and dancing. This camp culminates in a full-blown performance for family and friends on Friday at 2 p.m.

Summer Fun Science

Summer is here, and it is finally time to start having some fun! We will be dreaming up some new inventions, like making a machine that blows enormous bubbles, making some secret sauce for that backyard barbecue, or creating your homemade lava lamp. You will be sure to have a wild and wacky time during our Summer Fun Science camp.

The Seeds of Leadership Camp NEW!

The seeds of leadership is about learning personal strengths in a fun, light-hearted, and open environment. Though different activities, games, and discussions, campers in creative leadership will learn about study skills, how to maximize learning, and the best ways to approach problem-solving. At this age, creativity and 'thinking-outside-the-box' is still inherent. This camp is designed to harness those skills that these campers are already bringing to the table, maximizing their time, focusing their energy, and making them excited about projects. 

Video Game Creation Camp NEW!

First you will be introduced to Unity, which is free game development software. We will come up with a game theme, and then design the game piece by piece as a class. You will not only watch how it is being built, but will have hands on experience importing assets (characters, scenery, etc) into Unity and placing them into your own scenes. You will be given space to import your own game objects, apply textures (color and design), implement collision (how the objects interact with each other), and test your own level variations. Each day we will discuss new design techniques as the class project grows into a playable game. While no prior experience with these programs is necessary, computer competency (including great typing skills and an understanding of hotkeys) is necessary to use these programs!

You’re an Author

You love words. You love telling stories. Put them together, and become the author who’s inside you! This one-week, half-day camp introduces young writers to the various genres and conventions of writing to help develop their abilities in a variety of word forms. Students will experiment with humor, drama, first-person voice and more. If you love to write, or just tell stories, this camp’s for you! On Friday parents are invited to hear all of our new young authors.