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Schreyer Scholar (Level 4)

A Schreyer Scholar is a student who has been accepted into Penn State's Schreyer Honors College at University Park:

"Penn State offers our students the chance to study just about any topic imaginable in any discipline conceivable. [The Schreyer Honors College] enables [Schreyer] Scholars opportunities to engage in this study to great depth and breadth, both here and abroad...

...Schreyer Scholars are called to be men and women of integrity, of high moral character, who employ their knowledge and skills for the betterment of society. This is the hallmark of Schreyer Scholars and what sets the [Schreyer Honors College] head and shoulders above other honors programs. Our mission states that we seek to achieve academic excellence with integrity, build a global perspective, and be engaged in civic leadership. Because 'honor' is not just about academic accolades - it is about knowing what is right and doing it."

— Christian Brady
     Dean, Schreyer Honors College


  • 18 honors credits by end of 4th semester

  • Minimum 3.74 GPA at end of 4th semester

  • Must apply & be accepted to the Schreyer Honors College in 4th semester

  • Must move to University Park for semesters 5 through 8

  • Must maintain 3.74 GPA

  • Must write a Senior thesis


All of the Level 3 benefits, plus...

  • Schreyer Scholar designation on diploma.

  • Schreyer Scholars Medal awarded upon graduation.