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Honor Society (Level 2)

The 2nd level of participation in Honors is to become a member of the campus Honor Society, which entails taking a certain number of Honors credits, attending Honor Society meetings and participating in Honor Society projects.


  • Must have high-school GPA of 3.4 or a college cumulative GPA of 3.4

  • Must maintain a Penn State GPA of 3.4 each semster

  • Must take 9 honors credits over 2 years

  • Must attend two-thirds of he Honor Society meetings

  • Must actively participate in Honor Society projects

  • No application is necessary


All of the Level 1 benefits, plus:

  • Recognition - You will receive an annual Honor Society certificate.
  • Priority Registration - You will be able to register before other students, ensuring that you can get into the courses you want or need.

  • Special Library Privileges - You will enjoy the same library privileges as your professors: you can borrow books for an extended period of time, borrow an unlimited number of books at the same time, and request special library holdings.

  • Academic Flexibility - You can take advantage of special opportunities such as specialized academic advising, independent studies, and undergraduate research.

  • Extracurricular Opportunities - You will be able to participate in free extracurricular events, seminars, lectures and travel.

  • Used Computer Eligibility - You will have the opportunity to purchase used computers from the university.

  • Incentive Scholarships - You will be eligible to apply for Honors Incentive Scholarships.