Smoking/Tobacco Policy

Smoking/Tobacco Policy

Penn State's smoking policy reflects the commitment of the University to provide a healthful environment for all members of the campus community and for campus visitors. The policy prohibits smoking and the use of all other tobacco products except in designated smoking stations and in personal vehicles.

The success of this policy depends upon the willingness, understanding and cooperation of all those who use tobacco products as well as those who do not use tobacco products in University facilities. Thank you for your continued cooperation and consideration of others as we work together for a cleaner and healthier environment for all members of our campus community and our visitors.

  • Smoking/use of tobacco is defined as carrying or smoking any kind of lighted pipe, cigar, cigarette, or any other lighted smoking equipment, and includes the use of snuff or chewing tobacco products.
  • Smoking/use of tobacco products is prohibited everywhere on campus with the exception of designated covered smoking areas and personally owned vehicles.
  • Designated smoking stations are located
    • West and behind the Murphy Student Services Building
    • Southwest of the Bell Center for Technology entrance
    • Northeast of the Student Commons
    • East side of Hayfield House parking lot
  • Smoking/use of tobacco products is prohibited in all areas where a safety hazard exists, such as storage of combustible material and hazardous material handling areas.
  • Smoking/use of tobacco products is prohibited in all University fleet vehicles.
  • To prevent possible fires, disposing of tobacco products, including pipe residue, cigarette and cigar butts in containers other than the "smoker" containers provided is prohibited everywhere on campus.
  • Spitting tobacco products within buildings, at entrances to buildings, (in gardens or bushes, on sidewalks, on paved areas including parking lots), or spitting tobacco products into recyclable containers and depositing them in "recycling" containers provided, is prohibited.
  • Exception: Technical Services personnel may smoke when operating designated equipment or when performing maintenance duties not within 25 feet of any campus building

Campus Police & Public Safety is responsible for enforcement of this policy. Anyone not wishing to abide by the policy will be asked to leave the campus. All campus personnel are requested to adhere to the policy. Likewise, employees should encourage students and visitors to adhere to the policy by courteously informing them of the policy and pointing out the closest designated area for use, including their personal vehicle. Informing campus Police & Public Safety is always appropriate.

See University Policy AD 32 for more information.