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Nursing Management Certificate

Nursing Management Certificate

The Nursing Management Certificate program includes a series of four 3-credit courses designed to enhance the career opportunities for currently licensed RNs who are working in nursing. This program is designed for registered nurses who hold, or aspire to hold, nurse manager positions. The program will enrich participants’ knowledge of basic health care organizations and administration; collection, analysis and management of nursing data; concepts and techniques for managing nursing personnel; and concepts and techniques for enhancing nursing managerial behaviors. Courses are aligned with the core curriculum and competencies for nurse managers developed by the American Organization of Nurse Executives.

Required Courses

NURS 430: Organization and Administration for the Nurse Manager
Introduction to organizational theory and principles of practice in the administration of nursing services and patient care. (3 credits)

NURS 431: Data Management for Nurse Managers
Analysis of information systems to manage nursing service organizations; includes financial management, the budgeting processes, and productivity measurement. (3 credits)

NURS 432: Nursing Management of Human Resources
Human resource management and related factors in nursing service organizations. (3 credits)

NURS 433: Seminar for Nurse Managers
Course focuses on the application of management principles in the role of the nurse manager. (3 credits)

Who Should Attend?

  • Nurses interested in building their leadership skills
  • Nurses who need skills in managing others consistently and effectively
  • Nurses who have no formal background in management but hold or aspire to this role
  • Nurses who are passionate about being effective managers

Certificate Program Benefits

Certificate programs provide a flexible, convenient, short-term opportunity for professional development, self-enhancement, and earning a formal academic credential from Penn State.

Admission to Certificate Program

No formal application to Penn State is required, but those interested in enrolling must complete a non-degree form. The courses must be taken in order as a student in a cohort group enrolled in this certificate program. No course transfers will be accepted into this integrated series of customized courses on Nursing Management.

Tuition Reimbursement

Tuition reimbursement from your employer is accepted with verification of eligibility.

Location and Delivery

Delivery of this certificate program is one or two courses at a time until complete. Once all four courses are successfully completed, the participant earns an academic certificate from Penn State in Nursing Management. With sufficient enrollment, this certificate program can also be delivered on-site at a company location.

A new Nursing Management cohort is schedule to begin February 2018. Please contact Penn State Wilkes Barre Continuing Education at wbce@outreach.psu.edu or 570-675-9253 for more information or to enroll today,