LISTSERV Email Lists

Email to the Campus Community

The campus operates several Listserv email lists (or simply “listservs”) to disseminate university-related information to the campus community. Faculty and staff are automatically added to the appropriate lists when hired. Questions about list membership can be directed to: 

Faculty: Sandy Race
Staff: Jen Oshinski
Students: Caroline Chronowski

Only staff and faculty can send messages to the campus listservs; submissions from others will be rejected. To send a message to a listserv, simply click on the desired list below.

[email protected]

Membership – All employees, including staff and faculty
Purpose – Information relevant to all campus employees

[email protected]

Membership – All faculty, including both full- and part-time
Purpose – Information relevant to all faculty

[email protected]

Membership – All full-time faculty
Purpose – Information relevant to full-time faculty

[email protected]

Membership – All part-time faculty
Purpose – Information relevant to part-time faculty

[email protected]

Membership – All staff
Purpose – Information relevant to staff

[email protected]

Membership – All students
Purpose – Information relevant to students

Guidelines for Campus List Use

  • Campus listservs must follow Penn State Administrative Policy AD56: Use of Group Communication Tools to Communicate University Business to Employees and Students.
  • Only current employees of Penn State Wilkes-Barre have access to the mailing lists. External organizations do not have access to the mailing lists, and current members of the list should not post to the list on their behalf.
  • Content of messages sent to the mailing list must be accurate. It is the employee’s responsibility to verify the contents of the message.
  • All messages must uphold the Penn State Principles.
  • Content of the message must be pertinent to the operation of the campus. Personal messages are not permitted.
  • Any employee mailing list may be moderated as circumstances warrant.

Creating Your Own Email List

Penn State employees and students can create and maintain their own lists. Visit Penn State’s Listserv website and select “Request a new mailing list” to find out how.