Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing


There are four video conference rooms at Penn State Wilkes-Barre and one in the Continuing Education Northern Tier Center:

  • Academic Commons 109 is a standard-definition video classroom. It seats 50.
  • Science Building 2 is a high-definition video classroom. It seats 24.
  • Bell Center for Technology 23 is a high-definition video computer classroom. It seats 30. Contact Stephanie Andaloro in the Registrar's office at 675-9233 or to schedule.
  • Hayfield House 212 is a conference room that seats 15.
  • Classroom/Office Unit B is a high-definition video classroom in the Continuing Education Northern Tier Center.

There are three types of video conference connections:

  • Initiated by University Park or another campus
    The other location has set everything up. All we have to do is notify the other location what room we are using and make the call.
  • Wilkes-Barre Campus initiated
    If more than 2 campuses are involved, the video bridge at University Park must be reserved. You need to find out what rooms are being used at all the other campuses and add them to the reservation. A list of all Penn State video conference classrooms can be found at:
  • Direct Connection
    This means that you will be connecting one-on-one with another location. You can make the connection by using the IP address or by using the directory on the video conference unit.

Video Conference Procedure

  1. If you are initiating the video conference with multiple campuses:

To schedule a video bridge, call 814-863-8906 or fill out a "Penn State Video Bridge Reservation" form at

If you are initiating a direct one-on-one video conference:

Contact and make arrangements with the other location for the video conference. This way all parties involved know how the video conference meeting will proceed.

  1. If you have been invited to a video conference and it has been set up by another group or location, you should receive a confirmation email that will indicate the date, time, and room, and location of the video conference.
  2. Whether you have initiated the video conference or been invited, you should reserve the room you will use for the video conference at Usually, if you have been invited to attend a video conference, room availability has already been checked, but you should still confirm this.
  3. If you would like assistance making the video conference call, you should contact the IT Helpdesk, in advance of your date, at and request that IT staff meet you at the scheduled video conference room.