The Hayfield Awards

The Hayfield Awards

The prestigious Hayfield Awards honor people who have been outstanding citizens of our campus community during the past academic year.


The award categories are:

  • Excellence in Service to Campus/Community
  • Fran Brown Humanitarian
  • Innovation
  • Undergraduate Research Excellence
  • Research Excellence/Creative Accomplishment

The description, eligibility requirements and criteria for each award can be seen by clicking the links on the left.


A call for nominations goes out each spring. Please recognize the valuable contributions which our colleagues have made to campus life by nominating them for applicable awards. When making a nomination for a particular award, please keep in mind the evaluation criteria for that award and try to be as specific as possible in your comments.

To the left you will find a link to the nomination form, which you can either  a) print and fill it out by hand, or b) fill it out on your computer and then print it out for submission. Nominations should be submitted to the Chancellor's office on the appropriate form in an envelope marked "Attention: Hayfield Awards Committee - Award Category". The committee members are appointed by the Chancellor.


The award winners are recognized at the spring Campus Meeting meeting.