Postbaccalaureate Credit Courses in Education

Does your school district require you to pursue professional development? Are you looking for Act 48 credits in your specialization? Penn State is an approved Act 48 provider, and our online post-baccalaureate courses cover a wide range of current topics in education. You can also work towards a credit certificate in Teaching Writing and Literacy, or get a Mathematics Coach endorsement. In addition, many of our courses transfer into Penn State Harrisburg’s online Master of Education in Teaching and Curriculum program.

With courses delivered remotely through a combination of classes held via Zoom and online assignments, this is the perfect time to upgrade your professional qualifications from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Sign up for your course today!

Read about our upcoming offerings below.

Summer Session (June 30–August 10, 2022)

EDUC 432: Children’s Literature in Teaching Writing

Participants will learn methods for transferring writing skills and literary devices from literature to student writing in all subject areas. No prerequisites. (3 credits)

EDUC 464: Technology and the Learning Process

Designed for teachers, curriculum supervisors, and building administrators, this course examines and evaluates the relationship between technology-based resources and learning theories. Students explore learning theories in terms of how technology may or may not support implementation of those theories in the classroom. (3 credits)

Summer Session (July 3–July 18, 2022)

CI 400: Introduction to Research Literature

Introduction to research literature and methodology; stress on interpretation, sources, and research reporting. (3 credits)

EDUC 470W: Higher-Order Thinking for Educators

Presentation of strategies, techniques, and principles of higher-order thinking which are grounded in relevant research and practice will be presented. Develop critical and creative thinking, decision making, problem solving and reflection skills. Become aware of ways to increase the higher-order thinking of children in the elementary classroom. Improve students’ ability to write critical thinking/reflection papers on educational problems and issues. (3 credits)

Summer Session (July 18–August 10, 2022)

CI 405: Strategies in Classroom Management

This course has been designed to engage students in in-depth examination of the process of creating and sustaining a classroom learning community that fosters and enables success for all children. Emphasis is placed on understanding a variety of theoretical models of classroom management as well as observing and studying individual children to develop a better understanding of their needs. The result should be the development of a coherent set of beliefs concerning the creation of classroom learning environments that support learners and meet their individual needs. (3 credits)

EDUC 484: School Law for Teachers

This course will focus on increasing teacher awareness of law and how it impacts on daily performance and job security. Serves as an examination of federal and state school law for educators addressing legal issues that affect the operation of public schools K-12. (3 credits)

Courses for Math Coach Endorsement (Spring and Summer 2022) 

EDMTH 442: Algebra & Functions Across the Curriculum
May 16–June 24, 2022

This course addresses the areas of algebra and functions as defined by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) standards and the Pennsylvania academic standards. Designed for graduate students who teach mathematics in K–12 grades or are leaders in mathematics education, the course focuses on current research and recent trends related to teaching algebra. The course will also focus on teaching algebraic concepts and algebraic reasoning from patterns, mathematical modeling, and variables of change using manipulatives, graphical representations, and technology. (3 credits)