APICS® Certified in Logistics Transportation and Distribution (CLTD®)

Manage the performance of your supply chain and position yourself for success with a Certification in Logistics Transportation and Distribution (CLTD®).

CLTD® Overview

Meet today’s demands in logistics, transportation and distribution industries in field of supply chain management. This program is designed for traffic managers, logistics managers, warehouse operations and district managers and reverse logistic managers. Seeking the APICS®-CLTD® certification will make you a more valuable asset to your organization, keeping you and your organization more competitive in today's global economy. This program is taught by Penn State approved and APICS®-certified instructors. This course is being offered in collaboration with other campuses of Penn State thru video link, Zoom and online platforms.

Length of the program generally consists of 39 instructional hours.

APICS® CLTD® Program

Dates: TBD

Day & Time: TBD

Delivery: Instructor-led videoconferencing via Zoom

Registration Deadline: TBD

Cost: $1,625*

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For more information, contact 570-675-9253 or [email protected]

* Fees include: APICS® CLTD® Learning System Workbook, Student Slide book and access to online study.

*Students are responsible for scheduling exams.