Change of Assignment to University Park

Change of Assignment to University Park

This page describes the process through which Wilkes-Barre students must go to change assignment to University Park. For any change of location other than the University Park, please contact the IST representative at that campus.

Baccalaureate students are expected to complete two full years of academic work at Wilkes-Barre. Because all IST students take the same courses for the first two years, those wishing to pursue the Information Systems: Design and Development Option or the Information Context: People, Organizations, and Society Option can complete their freshmen and sophomore years at Penn State Wilkes-Barre.

Requests for early relocation to University Park during the first two years of academic work, is generally only approved when it is necessary for the student to maintain normal degree progress toward the student's preferred major.

Transfer Process

The approval for the change of location to University Park is automatic for all students who have met the IST Entrance to Major Requirements and selected the University Park campus as first choice during the ETM process.

  1. Once students receive the official approval for the change of location (usually in mid March), students may register for courses at University Park via LionPATH for the following fall semester. Students should consult with their campus adviser for the appropriate selection of courses.
  2. Visit the INTRO page for information about making the transition to University Park. You will be referred to information about resources, housing, and programs.
  3. If you applied for on-campus housing at U. Park and are interested in being considered for the School of IST Interest House, Beaver Hall, please note this on your housing application form. Also check out the IST Student Government's site for additional student-related information.
  4. Make sure that you have the identity of your University Park adviser and his or her contact information. If you do not have your adviser's information, contact the IST Undergraduate Programs advising staff at 814-865-8947 for this information.
  5. Make an appointment to get acquainted with your adviser during your first week at University Park. You are also welcome to meet with an adviser in the Undergraduate Programs Office, 006 Thomas Building.

Major checklists, courses that will not count toward graduation, suggested course schedules by semester, etc. can be found directly on the IST Bachelor's Degree page at the IST Web Site.