Tips for Success

Tips for Success

Math Tips

Homework is the key to your success!
Follow these steps to get the most from your math homework:

  1. Start your assignment right after class.
  2. Copy each problem down carefully.
  3. Think of the steps you will use and the rules you will follow.
  4. Check your notes and examples.
  5. Try every problem. Take a chance! You may be right.
  6. Do not skip steps at first.
  7. Write down each step below the previous one. Be neat!
  8. Check your work before looking at the answer key.
  9. Arithmetic errors? Brush up on basics.
  10. "Plug in" your answer, do the problem in a different way.
  11. Incorrect? Check your notes and the book.
  12. Still wrong? Ask the instructor, a tutor, classmate, or friend.
  13. Do the problem from scratch until you get it right.
  14. Do an extra set - practice pays off!

Study Tips

Estimated minimum weekly study time

Credit Hours

Estimated Study Hours

12 credits

24 hours per week

13 credits

26 hours per week

14 credits

28 hours per week

15 credits

30 hours per week

16 credits

32 hours per week

17 credits

34 hours per week

18 credits

36 hours per week

19 credits

38 hours per week

Make the time — it pays off!

1 hour of class = a minimum of 2 hours of studying outside of class