Credit Certificates

Credit Certificates

What is a credit certificate program?

A credit certificate program is a sequence of classes that provides you with core competencies in a specific area, and earns you college credits at the same time. Because credit certificate programs usually require only between 9 and 25 credits for completion, you are able to earn this Penn State credential in a relatively short time. Credit certificate programs are ideal for people who want to set smaller, more immediate goals and work up to meeting larger ones. In fact, a credit certificate program can be the gateway to a college degree if you do not already have one. You start by completing the credit courses and earning the certificate, and then you can apply those courses toward a degree now or in the future.

Credit certificates are available in many fields, including business, human development and family services, education, information technology, and healthcare—just to name a few.

Undergraduate Credit Certificates

Graduate Credit Certificates

Credit Certificates in the Workplace

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