Campus Facilities Rental

Campus Facilities Rental

Facility Rental

In the event of a cancellation, the user will be charged a full fee. However, when two weeks prior notice is given, the fee may be waived.

Facility Usage Fees

Hayfield House

Room Name Cost (up to 4hrs) Cost (per day)
Room H-105 (*plus event set-up/clean-up fee) $110 $275
Rooms H-107 & H-108 (*plus event set-up/clean-up fee) $55 $110
Event Set-Up/Clean-Up (*see Maintenance below) (*see additional Maintenance fee) (*see additional Maintenance fee)
Pictures (includes campus grounds and/or 1/2 hr. in Staircase Room) N/A $55

Room 105 of Hayfield House

Room 105: This was the original main living room in Hayfield House, with a marble fireplace which is several hundred years old. Legend has it that it came from Emperor Franz Josef's Hofsburg Palace in Vienna. A copy of the fireplace also adorns the other end of this magnificent room, which can be used for weddings, showers, holiday parties, meetings, conferences, training sessions, or other events.

Floating staircase of Hayfield House

Floating Staircase: This architecturally unique staircase is called "floating" because it is supported only from the ceiling and the floor. This makes a beautiful setting for wedding party and family photos.

Robert A. Rave Family Pond

The Grounds: In addition to the interior of Hayfield House, the Robert A. Rave Family Pond, the Gazebo, and the exterior grounds surrounding Hayfield House are also popular backdrops for wedding photos.



Room Name Cost (up to 4hrs) Cost (per day)
Gymnasium $55/hr $400
Outdoor Athletics (soccer, tennis courts, open areas) $30

Gymnasium in the Athletics & Recreation Building

Gymnasium: The gymnasium in the Athletics & Recreation Building is available for tournaments and other events. Call 570-675-9259 for rental information.

Soccer Field

Outdoor Athletics Facilities: Features soccer fields, tennis courts, volleyball court, and open areas.



Room Name Cost (up to 4hrs) Cost (per day)
Barry Auditorium – AC-103 (graduated seating for 100) $110 $220
Bierly Auditorium – S-101 (graduated seating for 264) $110 $220
Fortinsky Auditorium – T-101 (graduated seating for 129) $110 $220
Lecture Room – T-014 (graduated seating for 76) $75 $150

Barry Auditorium (AC-103)

Barry Auditorium (AC-103): Lecture hall seats 103 students; podium with wired mic; LCD projector that can be used with a laptop; DVD and VHS player linked to LCD projector and internet access.

Fortinsky Auditorium (T-101)

Fortinsky Auditorium (T-101): Seats 125, plus 4 ADA seats; podium with wired mic; LCD projector that can be used with a laptop; DVD & VHS player linked to LCD projector and Internet access.


Classrooms & Computer Laboratories

Room Name Cost (up to 4hrs) Cost (per day)
Classrooms – All Buildings (excluding computer labs) $55 $110
Computer Laboratories (excluding classrooms) $82 $165
Hickory Court Café (Hemlock Room) $55 $110

The Hickory Court Café

The Hickory Court Café: Cafeteria area.


Accompanying Services

Information Technology

Service Description Cost
Special Equipment Usage (laptops, overhead projectors, data projectors, microphone, etc.) $30/per item
Technical Support (audio/visual, loading software, monitoring computers) $30/hr
Polycom Video Conference Equipment Only (room rental, tech support, & materials are additional) $150



Service Description Cost
To work at event (4 hour minimum) $160 (then $35/hr)


*Event set-up/clean-up fees

(in addition to the room rental fee)
Number of People Cost
1–50 $35
51–100 $70
101+ $105



Service Description Cost
Over scheduled shift time $15/hr


Athletic Facilities Usage

ARB Membership

Membership Type Per Semester Per Year (3 Semesters)
Basic Membership $100 $240
Basic Membership w/ Spinning $150 $350
PS Alumni Membership $50 $120
PS Alumni w/ Spinning $70 $175
Daily Use (includes all classes excep Spinning) $5/day $5/day
Spinning Class $5/class $40 for 10 passes
Non PS WB College Student Membership $50 $120