Student Exhibit: Photography — Best in Class

Student Exhibit: Photography — Best in Class

April 12–August 30, 2017

This exhibit features student work from Photo 100: Introduction to Photography. Students learned how to create photographs, control photographic processes, how professional photographers employ photographic techniques, and how to utilize these techniques for their own creative purposes. The exhibit serves as a showcase of some of the class’ favorite photographs.

Participating Artists:

  • Robert Barner
  • Chanamaria Bialer
  • Danielle Caputo
  • Meghan Carlson
  • Jheron Johnson
  • Michael Delaney
  • Sierra Eskridge
  • Carina Forte
  • Brian Greenawalt
  • Ashlee Harry
  • Zachary Johns
  • Raven-Monet Kemper
  • Kaylee Kishbaugh
  • Katharine Lanning
  • James Lapidus
  • Emily Lencoski
  • Anibal Pena
  • Scott Roper
  • James Rushton
  • Brandon Sandrowicz
  • Donald Thomas
  • Patrick Wall
  • Jonathan Wilson

Image Gallery. Point to the photo below and click the forward and back buttons to view photos of the exhibit: